The Tandy Leather Museum of Fort Worth

By Gene Fowler Ensconced at his Two Lazy A's Ranch in Canada, legendary leather wizard Al Stohlman was focused on his leathercraft - really focused. “There was only one day a week when he would take phone calls,” says Charlie Davenport, curator of the Tandy Leather Museum in Fort Worth, the repository for much of the Al and Ann Stohlman Collection. “And if we needed to see him in person,

Howard Knight:

The King of Detail By Danna Burns-Shaw Few leather artisans have the attention to detail like Howard Knight; his diversity in style leaves one mesmerized in amazement. Howard creates works of fine art in his small leather shop, which is adjacent to his home in the beautiful, mountain community of Stevensville, Montana. Howard and his wife, Amy, moved to Montana from Northern California, after Amy retired as a nurse practitioner.

Wendy Lane

Boot Making SANTA FE Style By Danna Burns-Shaw In 1972, Wendy Henry opened her first store, Avant Garde Leotard, in Coral Gables, Florida. In the early eighties, she moved to New York City and opened Wendy Lane, a womenswear store located at 78th and Broadway. Despite having strong roots in the East, Wendy’s heart longed to live out West. In 1989, while visiting her favorite place on Earth - Santa

A One-Stop Shop for Leather Machinery

Campbell-Randall Hones its Competitive Edge in a Global Market By Lynn Ascrizzi Campbell-Randall Machinery, a business with roots going back to 1858 and the era when machines were built with American iron, is the manufacturer and distributor of a broad and distinctive selection of leather machinery, tools, supplies and parts. Today, the company is based in an industrial section of Conroe, Texas, a fairly large city located about 40 miles

48th Annual Harness Makers’ Get-Together and Consignment Auction Coming to Ohio

By Lynn Ascrizzi This summer, Hillside Harness Hardware, Ltd., owned and operated by John Raber of Millersburg, Ohio, will be hosting the 48th Annual Harness Makers’ Get-Together and Consignment Auction, to be held Thursday, July 20th through Friday, July 21st. “This is a responsibility,” Raber said of the bustling public event. He expects to attract at least 500 folks to his family’s homestead and workshop. This sort of get-together, planned