A Leader in the Coated Webbing Industry By Liisa Andreassen If you’ve ever had a baby, a dog or a horse; been in the military; worn a belt or used a wallet; carried a sporty handbag; had a boat or tent (and the list goes on) – you’ve likely come in contact with BioThane®. BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane® Coated Webbing Corp. It’s

Rodney Ammons

Veteran Boot Maker By Danna Burns-Shaw As the mind gathers words and concepts to express and relate a story, it goes through several different scenarios. The ultimate goal is to write a memorable story that depicts the featured character; those words are the journey of the story. This story is about a man named Rodney Ammons. Anyone who has met Rodney is now smiling, because if you know Rodney you

Musician Creates Manufacturing Niche

By Liisa Andreassen When the Hunker Bag Co. launched in April 2015, it was music to the ears of many. Denton Hunker, currently the company’s only employee, is not only a musician, but apparently a master of the sewing machine too. Business is quite simply humming along. “I handle everything: from cutting out patterns and materials, to boxing and shipping out all orders from my studio located inside my East

Rick Bean:

Keeping the Balls in the Air By Nick Pernokas [gallery ids="888,884,883" type="rectangular"] When talking with Rick Bean, the first thing you notice is his quick wit. In fact, it might take a few minutes of verbal sparring with his self-deprecating humor to slow him down enough to talk about himself. The reason is that Rick has a lot of irons in the fire; and like many small one-man shops have

Blazing Briscoe

The Saddle Exhibit at San Antonio's Briscoe Western Art Museum By Gene Fowler If you should ever find yourself in San Antonio, Texas (and who hasn't at some point?) and you're an aficionado of the fine leatherwork displayed on the saddles on which vaqueros and cowboys blazed across the American West, you'll want to see the historic saddle collection at the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Several of the 16 saddles