Museum of the Cowboy

A California Legacy By Nick Pernokas In the gentle rolling hills on the outskirts of Santa Ynez, California, is one of the best kept secrets of the American West. If you follow a residential street to where the sidewalk ends, you will find that transition point where the West begins. Here, in an otherwise typical, rural California home, resides one of the largest private collections of “cowboy gear” in the

Troy West and the Thunder Beast

By Gene Fowler “The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association encourages us to be creative and innovative,” says Azle, Texas-based saddle maker Troy West. “That’s especially true for the annual Cowboy Crossings exhibition held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. They want us to push the envelope. Think outside the box. Do something that’s not been seen before.” For this year’s Cowboy Crossings show, Troy adorned his

Walsall Hardware

Marketing for the New Millennium By Nick Pernokas Martin M. Jordan worked for the famous hardware company North and Judd, of Waterbury, Connecticut, in the 1930’s. He was a salesman and he sold the entire line including a lot of military hardware. In 1947, Martin decided to go out on his own, and he started the Martin M Jordan Saddlery Hardware Company in New York City. He found some space

Little’s Boots

Little's Boots  Custom Bootmakers since 1915 By Danna Burns-Shaw Little’s Boots is a 100-year-old family business with “heart and sole.” Building the highest quality boots, with four generations of family boot makers, Little’s is in an elite group of legacy bootmakers. As the 86-year-old, 3rd Generation owner Dave Little states, “That’s why you don’t see many small custom boot  houses; most of them eventually either get bought out or decide