Douglas Krause

My Muse By Danna Burns-Shaw [gallery ids="1127,1124,1123,1122" type="rectangular"] Doing these feature articles for Shop Talk! really inspires the senses.  Speaking with Douglas Krause made me realize the importance that others have in the making of an accomplished artist. Mentorship brings out the best in the giver...and the receiver.  During the entire interview, Douglas was graciously giving credit to the folks listed below. Throughout his story, these important individuals helped Douglas

Austin Artisan

A conversation with custom cowboy bootmaker, Lee Miller By Lynn Ascrizzi Virtually every day of the week, and even on Saturdays, you’ll find bootmaker Lee Miller leaning over a busy workbench in his Austin shop, Texas Traditions. He might be shaping toe boxes with a file, setting up lasts, sewing heel seats, drawing patterns or working at one of the hundreds of other operations that go into building custom cowboy

Elktracks to Venus:

Jim Linnell's Leather Art By Gene Fowler [gallery ids="1097,1094,1092" type="rectangular"] Jim Linnell still remembers when the perception of fine leather first wafted across his senses and stirred his imagination. “I grew up on a ranch in Montana,” he says. “Once a month or so, we’d make the hundred-mile round trip into the nearest town, Miles City. Going to town was a major event and we’d often stop by Miles City

International Sheepskin & Leather

California Dreaming By Nick Pernokas It has been said that Los Angeles is the land of broken dreams. Fortunately that generalization doesn’t describe all of the dreams or the dreamers who live there. A case in point is a family business on the southeast side of Los Angeles. International Sheepskin and Leather is not just the culmination of any dream, but of the American one. In 1965, Pepe Cerda Sr.