Ty May: Making up for Lost Time

By Nick Pernokas Ty's primary products are boots. When we speak of an “up and coming” artist, we usually think of a young person. That is an assumption that is not always true. Grandma Moses, for example, began her painting career at the age of 78 and became one of America’s most famous painters. Another case in point may be Sullivan, Missouri-bootmaker Ty May. At 55, Ty is really just

Berlin Custom Leather

Staying True to its Roots, Never Trendy  By Danna Burns-Shaw  Berlin Custom Leather, Ltd. is located in Berlin, Ohio. Berlin Custom Leather Company gets its name from the small community that it resides in Berlin, Ohio.  Berlin is in the heart of one of the United States’ largest Amish communities near Millersburg, Ohio. The area is steeped in rich old-school traditions like family unity, impeccable work ethic, faith and community

Saddlemaker Ron Ross

Sixty Years of Leather at the Crossroads of America  By Gene Fowler  "I clean up good," jokes Ron, describing this photo. Since 1977, Ron and his family have lived north of Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he has raised Belgians, Quarter horses, goats, and sheep and made saddles and other leather goods. This past February—on the 18th, to be exact—All-Around Top Hand Leather Artist Ron Ross of St. Joe, Indiana, celebrated

N&A Harness Shop: Celebrating 30 Years

Noah Miller and son, Vernon Miller, team up to bring the family business into the next generation By Lynn Ascrizzi The harness workshop run for three decades by Noah Miller in Millersburg, Ohio, along with help from his growing family and a lot of local community good will, is a testimony to how much can be accomplished by consistent effort, a cooperative spirit and keeping things simple. “We started from