Taking Chances and Building Saddles

By Liisa Andreassen Kevin Parrish His real name is Kevin Parrish, but he’s affectionately known by most as “The Saddle Guy.” At the age of 13, he started out in the business washing saddles that were in for repair in his father’s hobby saddle repair shop. He worked there through high school performing various tasks such as disassembling, washing, oiling and reassembling saddles. More than 30 years later, he’s still


At Orion Calf, Ltd, it all begins in France and with the way a calf is raised By Lynn Ascrizzi Greg Carmack, sales and customer service rep for Orion Calf Ltd., displays imported French calfskin from Tannerie d'Annonay, at the company's warehouse in Waco, Texas. The supplier has an exclusive working relationship with two French tanneries. It is fine-grained leather, delicate but durable, soft and velvety to the touch. We’re

Freddie Matara Leather: A Church of Our Own

By Gene Fowler  When leathercraft artist Freddie Matara and his wife Rebecca wanted to relocate from Brooklyn a couple years ago, they looked high and low for something a little off the beaten path. They found the perfect home in Patterson, New York. Built in 1875, the structure served as a place of worship until 1960. Today, it serves as the couple's own piece of Henry-David-Thoreau-heaven-on-earth. Leathercraft artist Freddie Matara, best

Lisa Sorrell

A Ladies Touch Accomplished and acclaimed bootmaker Lisa Sorrell. By Danna Burns Shaw When you visit with Lisa Sorrell you soon realize that she has a zest for learning and chooses to live a bigger and kinder life. Lisa was raised in southwest Missouri in a conservative church where the women all wore long hair and long dresses.  Her mother began teaching her to sew when she was 12 years