2nd Place World Leather Debut Winner

Runner Up Floral Saddle
by Matt Wanner

“As a leather artisan and saddle maker, I don’t always get the opportunity to use my talent to create something unique given that I deal with clients who know what they want.  So when I finally get the chance to do something like build a saddle for the World Leather Debut, I take full advantage of being able to put my own spin as an artist into my piece,” says Matt Wanner.

Matt’s saddle was built for a close family friend, Hadley Dowling, who has influenced his daughters for good and whose family has made an impact on Matt’s personal life so he wanted it to reflect who she is.  The traditional floral pattern joined with the contemporary hand painted floral border tell her story as a strong, determined, ambitious, beautiful girl.  Custom hand engraved sterling silver conchos, buckle sets and rivets by Sunset Trails Silver add a touch of femininity.  Wisps of turquoise pop on the special tri-blend finish.  This is the result of creative freedom and in Matt’s own words, “It’s pretty bad ass!”

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