Freedom Bifold Collection


The Proper Gentleman’s Freedom Bifold Collection has everyone standing on their feet.  Being a 4th generation combat veteran comes as no surprise that Jimmy Compton, owner and founder of The Proper Gentleman, was inspired by Old Glory when designing this collection.  Each piece is hand tooled into Hermann Oak 4/5 oz. veg tan leather and meticulously hand painted with Eco-Flo Cova Color paint.  Jimmy then adds depth to each piece with an airbrush.  The interior is constructed using 2/3 oz veg tan leather.  Suede pig skin trims the cover which is hand stitched with Ritza tiger thread.  The brogue hole pattern, that doubles as the fold relief, is an original design element inspired by high end handmade shoes. The dump pockets allow for easy storage and clean out.  The Proper Gentleman logo and stamp of approval, which is Jimmy’s father’s handwriting, goes on each item before it is sent to its new home.

jimmy compton

Jimmy Compton, The Proper Gentleman Himself

On a chillly day in 2015, Jimmy Compton spoke with his wife Christina about a custom made wallet he’d like to purchase.  Her answer was, “No, you can’t buy that!”  The reason for her answer was the price tag attached to that custom made wallet.  Jimmy decided right then to make one himself.  That was four years ago this coming January and now we have The Proper Gentleman, a small carry goods and ultra-cool logo wear brand.

Jimmy Compton, US Army Veteran and founder of The Proper Gentleman is a self-taught leather craftsman from Fort Worth, Texas.  Jimmy joined the US Army in January 1995 and served on active duty until January 2004.  He did one tour in Iraq on active duty then later went back as a security contractor where he did 2 more years in Iraq and 2 years in Afghanistan.

With nearly no certified training, other than a few informal classes, Jimmy has created a distinct artistic style that is well, simply proper.

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Freedom Bifold Collection

Freedom Bifold Collection

Freedom Bifold Collection

Freedom Bifold Collection

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