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French leather artisan, Ariane Rubiella often buys leathers before she knows what she’s going to do with them.  Once she has them in hand, the shapes come to her.

“I use mainly French leather, goat, calf and bull hides, from tanneries judiciously chosen for the quality of their leathers,” says Ariane.

All of her creations are born of a desire and a context. They have a story and are made by hand in a unique way.

The model “Insoumise” is numbered and all models are hand-signed, hand-stitched, and have hand-painted edges. Each one benefits from special attention. And each model is customizable by choosing new leather colors, adapting the size of the bag, or adjusting the length of the handles or shoulder strap.

Ariane’s inspirational, non-conformist style goes beyond the mundane and functional characteristics of a handbag and gives each lucky recipient another means by which to express their personality.

“Your bag becomes a friend and companion, one you can depend on, a part of yourself,” she says.

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Ariane Rubiella

“I have become acquainted with leather through riding since my childhood. Sensitized to its sound and characteristic smell, I wanted to learn how to work it,” says Ariane Rubiella, a French leather handbag artisan.

At the age of 17, Ariane headed for the Compagnons de Devoir to learn boot making. She spent two years in Saumur, the French capital of the horse, making custom riding boots for the famous Cadre Noir and high level riders with Joël Albert, a Compagnon bootmaker who mentored Ariane without reserve.

She then started practicing the Japanese martial art, Kendo and for the next two years she created Bamboo sword holsters that are used in this sport.

Ariane’s initiation to leather goods then began. She perfected her knowledge of the trade by entering the workshops of the great French Hermes house and then by integrating the design office of the very elitist malletier Goyard.  Her thirst for learning led her to learn about saddle making and the manufacturing of bridles and harness.

Life then offered Ariane “human-oriented” detours, first by volunteering in Senegal and then as an Oriental dancer in a medieval troupe.

It is when Ariane hit 30 years of age that she first felt a strong need to create. Fed by her dreams of travel, the atmosphere of Southern France, and the discipline she gained through her practice of martial arts, she created the “Ariane Rubiella” brand in 2015.

A long process then began: drawing, creating prototypes and manufacturing. Finally, by the end of 2017, the first collection of four models of handbags, entirely thought and manufactured in her workshop in the South of France, was born. The collection was presented later in Paris and Dubai.

In addition to the models that Ariane offers, she personalizes the bags that customer’s dream of, working in close collaboration with them. She gives shape to their needs and desires.

“It’s the women who inspire me, the women who know who they are and have never thought of living life another way; confident women who are in control of their lives,” expresses Ariane.

Ariane Rubiella

32, rue des Iris






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Heavenly Handbags

Heavenly Handbags

Heavenly Handbags

Heavenly Handbags

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