Impeccable Inlays

By Dustin Lauw

Lauw’s passion lies in doing intricate inlay work in boot tops. “For me, the more challenging the better. I like to do multi-layer inlays, which means an inlay inside an inlay. In many cases I have gone 4-5 layers deep,” says Lauw. In spite of his love for inlaying, Duck taught him that “no matter how fancy your work is, no matter how many hours you have in boot tops, if the boots don’t fit the customer, the work was all for naught”. With that said, fit is always first and foremost in Lauw’s mind.

A lot of makers won’t do intricate inlays on a customer’s first pair of boots. Lauw does it because they may be the only pair of custom boots that customer will ever be able to afford, or the only pair they ever intend on buying. “Sometimes an inlayed logo or name carries special meaning for them, so I’ll always do it.”

Duck’s Heritage Cowboy Boots

11095 Brewer Road

Salado, TX 76571


Instagram: @ducksheritageleather

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