No. 3 Grip in American Alligator


The Colonel Tells a Tale

My previous line of work took me to some of the finest men’s stores in the country. Even though these stores had the best to offer in clothing and accessories and a clientele that appreciated finer things, I found their selection of gifts to be seriously lacking and not at all consistent in quality with their other merchandise.

So, I saw a real need for unique gift items of high quality.

It all started when I bought 17 pairs of vintage cufflinks back in 1987. After carefully hand designing the packaging for the cufflinks, I took them to a few of the stores on which I called. I returned empty handed, selling all 17 pairs. The excitement of providing others with products that were unique and designing my own packaging set the wheels turning. The Col. Littleton business was born and is now in its 31st year of operation.

Over the years, my business has expanded from cufflinks and knives to leather goods, home accessories, business accessories, belts, hats, jewelry and more –all quality, unique products crafted with a special touch.  I personally design each product–whether it’s constructing a leather cell phone holster from scratch or coming up with a whole new concept in men’s belts. Each product is brought to life in leathers and woods, brass and other materials with careful, detailed handwork.

Most of the things I do have a nostalgic feel to them…things that are handcrafted… things that can be personalized and passed down in families.

I have a real respect for days gone by and get a lot of inspiration for new products from the past. My hope is that all Col. Littleton products have staying power, become special items to their owners and eventually become family heirlooms.


Serial No. 001

The romance associated with American Alligator continues with Col. Littleton’s No. 3 Grip, taking center stage. The No. 3 Leather Grip Travel Bag in full-grain leather and in American Buffalo has been a favorite of Col. Littleton customers since its inception, and they are pleased to be able to offer it in luxurious American Alligator.

The beauty is in the details; solid wooden rods and solid brass fixtures set it apart from any piece of luggage you’ll ever see. The No. 3 Grip may be carried by either the handle or the adjustable shoulder strap. Straps on the back secure your umbrella (umbrella not included).

A bag like this doesn’t just roll off some assembly line either. It is planned and orchestrated to the smallest detail. The Colonel himself chose the three American Alligator hides that were used in creating this bag and supervised every step of the construction at the hands of his master leathersmith Lana Owens. It took a couple of hours just to study the hides before making the first cut. There is an art to planning a bag like this, and mistakes can be costly. But the end result is well worth it.


  • This leather-lined custom bag is serial numbered, dated, and signed by the leathersmith who made it and by the Colonel. It comes with a pommel shield banner hang tag, also signed by the Colonel.
  • Aside from the sheer beauty of the bag, it is user friendly and quite serviceable. There’s plenty of room to carry everything you need for an overnight stay, or it serves well as your personal carry-on bag for extended trips.  It opens wide and packs easily.
  • Appointed with solid brass hardware.
  • The hides they use are from alligators raised and trapped in the wild. Each hide is intentionally chosen to show the natural character markings such as scars and scratches that are common to alligators raised in the wild.
  • Brass oval plate on the front may be personalized with three initials.
  • Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag.

This is truly a custom, handcrafted bag of superior quality and timeless beauty. It comes with instant heritage because it looks as if it could have been inherited from your Grandfather.

Colonel Littleton Ltd., Inc.

755 Abernathy Road

Lynnville, TN 38472



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No. 3 Grip in American Alligator

No. 3 Grip in American Alligator

No. 3 Grip in American Alligator

No. 3 Grip in American Alligator

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