Not-So-Coy Fish Boot

A Rocketbuster Catch

By Nevena Christi


The Not-So-Coy Fish Boot has a funny story.  The bar next door started having very loud music every weekend and I couldn’t sleep!  There is never time to make Boss Lady Boots at work, so I decided I would make my own boots at home.  I got myself a pair of noise cancelling headphones and snacks, because if you are gonna be up ‘til 3am, why not have a little fun?  In five weeks, or what would have been five hellish weekends, I came into the shop with completed flat pieces of my boots.  My employees laughed, “Fish boots?! Ha-Ha!”  They didn’t understand my love of Japanese art.  So I basically said, “Let’s just do it and do it with a high heel!”

When they were done, I took them on their maiden voyage to New York where I was approached at a restaurant by one of the editors of Vogue and asked, “Where did you get your fabulous boots from?” Because of those boots, Vogue did a story on our boots and I got compliments wherever I went.

When I returned home, I rejoiced that the Fish Boots the guys laughed at were the same boots that were the talk of the town.  Our customers think of our boots as big pieces of jewelry.  They are wearable art and they are a great conversation piece.  You never know who you are going to meet in your Rocketbusters!

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Not-So-Coy Fish Boot

Not-So-Coy Fish Boot

Not-So-Coy Fish Boot

Not-So-Coy Fish Boot

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