Pedrini’s TCAA Portfolio

Pedrini’s TCAA Portfolio

By Pedro Pedrini

Pedro Pedrini’s 2013 TCAA saddle is a late 1800s California style saddle and is fully carved in the Visalia style. This saddle features a 4 button loop seat, 25 inch tapaderos, full double stirrup leathers, and a Spanish single rigging.

The silverwork is done by Dave Alderson of Twin Falls, Idaho. Each piece is shaped through repousse, chased, and filigreed with an antiqued hand finish.

Pedrini’s 2015 TCAA 1900s style Lady Astride saddle features inlaid fork and jockeys around a full padded seat. It is fully carved with raised and colored roses with oak leaves. The saddle is fully hand stitched at 9 stitches per inch.

The horn is made of white bronze which is engraved by Ernie Marsh of Lovell, Wyoming.

Other 2015 TCAA items include Pedrini’s dice game set which features a California-style carved border and is fully hand stitched at 9 stitches per inch.

The jewelry box reflects styling of Southern California leather work. It is carved and filigreed with rolled leather rose buds and is fully hand stitched at 8 stitches per inch.

In Pedrini’s own words when speaking of his inspiration he says, “Living in California, you are exposed to the long history of its ranching, horsemanship, and craftsmanship. From the early 1800s with the Spanish mission, to the Miller & Lux ranch, to the Gold Rush, and the fancy saddle shops including Loomis in the 1850s in Santa Barbara, Main & Winchester, Visalia, and Garcia, to name a few, and their highest of craftsmanship; how can you not try to continue this legacy?”  Indeed Pedro, how can you not?

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