Tennessee Flag Boot

Tennessee Flag Boot by Wes Shugart of Music City Leather

Music City Leather’s Tennessee Flag Boot is a beautiful representation of the state’s flag.  The three stars represent the three Grand Divisions of the state, East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.  The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of the “Grand Divisions.”  

Using 4-piece construction, Wes Shugart chose kid and kangaroo leather for the top of the boot creating the delicate stars of the flag.  The vamp is made of smooth ostrich.  The white side seam is intentional, representing the white stripe in the state’s flag.  Beautifully fashioned with impeccable attention to detail, the Tennessee Flag Boot is definitely a wearable work of art.  And like Wes says, “When design and form combine with comfort and craftsmanship, pure functional art is created.”  Maybe these boots should be placed on the mantel instead? 

Wes Shugart, the man behind Music City Leather, a bespoke boot shop in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Wes Shugart 

Music City’s Boot Maker 

Growing up on a Georgia cattle farm, Wes Shugart learned the importance of owning a comfortable pair of cowboy boots.  His love of footwear and art, along with a personal triumph led him to take up bootmaking himself.  He started making boots in 2012 under the mentorship of acclaimed bootmaker Deana McGuffin.  Wes also spent some time at Paul Kraus’s bench.  Both bootmakers have guided and mentored him immensely.   

You can find Wes in his shop in Brentwood, Tennessee just outside of Nashville building custom made, bespoke cowboy boots.  He works alone and uses only the finest materials in the industry.   

“I’m committed to using only the finest materials, time tested bootmaking techniques and paying attention to details to make sure you get the perfect boot for you,” says Wes. 

Wes Shugart 

Music City Leather 

Brentwood, TN 37027 




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Tennessee Flag Boot

Tennessee Flag Boot

Tennessee Flag Boot

Tennessee Flag Boot

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