The Brush Popper

The Brush Popper

By Al Stohlman

Brush Popper 300dpi 9x5 (3)

“The Brush Popper”, an incredible piece of art that measures 43″ x 27″, is probably one of Al Stohlman’s most ambitious projects, taking over two months alone to carve.  The hand-carved leather scene depicts a cowboy on horseback herding strays from the brush in a rugged valley.  It includes a beautiful finely tooled leather frame and is a three-dimensional piece that incorporates the use of embossing plugs, a most unique style, and silver conchos, buckles, and spurs.

Other outstanding pieces by Stohlman include four saddles which were built alongside his instruction books, a guitar case decorated with roses and a leather golf bag, all made by hand.

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  1. The Brush Popper hung in my father’s office (Lloyd Redd) for years when he was the president of Tandy Leather. I loved looking at it every time I was in his office.

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