Vintage Vest

“Being able to make vests out of domestic elk and bison is exactly like waking up every morning in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains; you never get tired of it,” says Paul Trachy founder and owner of Fox Creek Leather in Independence, VA. “Each landscape is familiar and yet unique with the nuanced influence of weather and time. The topography and feel of each vest is a feast for the senses.”   

At Fox Creek Leather, they use different colored liners and side laces to highlight their vintage vests. They also use a variety of antique US minted coins for snaps. Using these antique coins is the perfect complement for the elk and bison leather. The aging process the coins go through via circulation renders each one unique. But regardless of how they accent the vest, the eye is always captivated by the deep, arresting beauty of the hides. Full grain leather, especially from wild or semi-wild animals has quite a tale to tell. The history is in the hide.  

“When working with leather that is so eat up with character, every hide just begs to be made into a collector’s item. If you ever get bored, you can just sit around and look at your vest,” says Paul.   

Made in America with a lifetime guarantee  

Fox Creek Leather 

2029 Elk Creek Parkway 

Independence, VA 24348 




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Vintage Vest

Vintage Vest

Vintage Vest

Vintage Vest

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