Aztec-inspired Leather Motorcycle Helmet

By Forged Glory Custom Leather Craft

Leather-covered helmets are one of Forged Glory Custom Leather Craft’s top-five most popular items. This Aztec-inspired, open-face motorcycle helmet is one of many that Carlo Lorge, a US Army veteran-turned-leather craftsman, has made over the years. 

Carlo created this helmet using 3-oz. Hermann Oak veg tanned leather. First, he cut three oversized pieces for the helmet, two sides and one middle strip.  Next he soaked each piece, one-by-one, in water and molded it on the helmet by hand. He secured the first piece onto the helmet by wrapping it in plastic wrap, keeping it there for approximately two days and repeating the process with the other two pieces of leather.  After letting the leather pieces dry for a day, Carlo trimmed the leather along the seams and sewed them together. Finally, he glued the leather to the helmet so he could begin tooling. 

Both sides of the leather helmet feature the infamous Aztec eagle warrior.  Quetzalcóatl, a feathered serpent Aztec god said to symbolize death and resurrection, adorns the front of the helmet, while the double-headed serpent runs across the top, and the Aztec eagle warrior insignia is found on the back. 

About Carlo

“The first time I did leather work was at 10 years old in Cub Scouts, when a leader brought some leather for us to work on. I was hooked on leather since then,” says Carlo Lorge, Forged Glory Custom Leather Craft of Clarksville, Tennessee.  It wasn’t until September of 2014, at the tail end of his 10-year tenure in the United States Army, that Carlo found his way back to creating with leather. 

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, Carlo wanted to customize his ride by covering the forks on his motorcycle with 7×4-inch pieces of leather with the initials SOHMC tooled on them.  When he found a craftsman to do it, he wanted to charge Carlo $350 to do the job.  “Instead, I took the $350, bought leather and some tools and made them myself,” remembers Carlo.  After the fork covers were finished, he snapped a photo and posted them on his Facebook page.  Orders started pouring in.  Now he is able to support his family of six by creating motorcycle accessories for the machine and the rider.   

Carlo Alan Lorge

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