The Heron Pouch

By Benjamin Bott Design

Sometimes friends give you trash bags – trash bags full of leather!  Ben Cunningham of Benjamin Bott Design was given a trash bag full of leather scraps back in 2011 by a childhood friend who had been making handbags.  This friend caught wind of Ben’s interest in working leather and passed along his leftover scraps of leather.  What a gift, and what a game changer for Ben!

“I first started working with leather in 2011, mainly as a hobby, but I soon found myself enjoying the process of making wallets and spending hours, then days, weeks, months and now years honing my craft,” remembers Ben.

Ben spent a few years toying with leather at his kitchen island, something that drove his wife crazy!  But being dyslexic, he preferred hands-on learning over reading craft books, and at the time of his entry into the leathercrafting world there weren’t many videos or channels dedicated to it.  He spent a lot of time on Instagram spying other’s work spaces and tools to learn more about how to manipulate the leather and use leather tools. 

“It was a lot of trial and error, but it taught me a lot about the crafting process,” Ben said.

Since his fateful beginning, Ben has crafted some incredibly beautiful small carry items.  This month’s Showcase feature, The Heron Pouch is no exception.  Ben chose to make this piece from some of the most unique leathers out there; Violet Pueblo from Badalassi Carlo and Marble Dye leather from Mercedes Rex Design.  Speaking of Mercedes Rex, Ben tells, “We met in college, and it’s been great to mesh our creative hand-craft worlds together to make some unique leather.”  He finished the piece with Red Vinymo thread.  What a stunner!  The color combinations are out of this world!

If you’re looking for a unique gift item this holiday season, give Ben a ring.  He’ll be in his shop making wallets and responding to customers, smoking meat to feed the fam, or chasing kids. 

Benjamin Bott Design


Ben Cunningham, sole artisan of small carry company Benjamin Bott Design.