Exceptional Form & Function – Bespoke Bags by Peter Nitz

In 2008, he sat in a bar in Paris talking with a bartender.  The bartender gave him a tip:  there would be a woman arriving that evening.  But not just any woman, a woman who would set him on his path to destiny. 

Peter Nitz was this man and that night he met a leather craftsman, the woman, who taught him the basics of leathercraft.  Up to that point in his life, Peter had expressed his artistic abilities in many other ways, such as sculpting ceramics, creating paintings and even weaving carpets.  But working with leather was different. 

“I instantly knew this is what I had to do, and I would not stop until it was perfect,” remembers Peter.

Until then, Peter had hesitated endeavoring into the leather world because he wanted to create using the best methods.  His hunger for perfection wouldn’t allow him to do so until he was properly trained.   

Now you can find Peter in his atelier in Zurich crafting exquisite bespoke bags.  He works mainly with alligator and exotic leathers, and occasionally uses veg and chrome-tanned leathers from French tanneries.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with leather…especially exotics,” said Peter.

Inspiration for Peter stems from vintage design.  He reminisces about how things used to be made, with much more detail and care, and has imbued this ideal into each bag he creates. 

“I don’t compromise on materials or craftsmanship, even when it means my costs are higher. Everything I make is 100% saddle stitched by me in my atelier in Zurich,” Peter declares. 

Peter welcomes clients into his creative space and encourages discussions about materials and finishes.  The one-on-one consultation ensures the client gets the best bag for them.   

“I see myself in the future doing what really makes me happy and that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Peter’s bags are only available on order.

Peter Nitz