En Pointe

The Success Story of Cardinal Shoe American manufacturer finds its niche in high-tech ballet shoes Photograph Courtesy of Eduardo Patina By Lynn Ascrizzi In an on-stage solo, principal ballerina,Michaela DePrince, flies like a bright-feathered, gravity-defying bird, her arms stretched wing-like above her head and her expressive face turned upward, as if  searching for a distant star. What is easily missed in that ecstatic moment, which took DePrince years of professional

Cowboy Boot Bookman & Bon Vivant Buckaroo

The Reinventions of Tyler Beard By Gene Fowler “As a child,” wrote the late Tyler Beard in his 1999 book, Art of the Boot, “I had to be coaxed out of my Roy Rogers boots nightly.” “He loved those little boots, but that may have been one of his whoppers,” chuckles Tyler’s big sister, Debra Conkling, gently relishing her brother’s deployment of a Texan’s birthright to stretch the blanket or

Alchemy Kustom

A Supernatural Natural By Gene Fowler Natural talent has a knack for finding its way to the gallery or stage, especially when it operates in Shakespeare’s context of “all the world.” Many, if not most, of the leathercraft artists I’ve spoken with began drawing or practicing some other form of the visual arts in their youth. It was kind of like breathing for them; it was something they just did.

Meanwhile, Back in Kansas…..

David Carrico Leatherworks We may be cool, but we will never be Ed-Harris-in-the-1880s-New-Mexico-film-Appaloosa-cool. And wearing an awesome gun belt and holster made by David Carrico! By Gene Fowler “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” In one of the most famous lines ever spoken on the silver screen, Judy Garland told her little dog that they had somehow ventured so far from their home in the heartland that

Pete Harry

Variety is the Spice of Life By Nick Pernokas To say Pete’s Custom Saddlery is a saddle shop is like saying that Bass Pro Shop is a sporting goods store. The museum-like building, located in southwestern Kentucky, is home to an eclectic mixture of products and collections that reflect the varied interests of saddle maker Pete Harry. Pete grew up around the leather business and horses in Washington. His grandfather,

Olsen-Stelzer Boots

Since 1900 Olsen-Stelzer boot with Bush Warrior Open and Purple Heart inlays for warrior who played in the Bush Warrior Open Golf Tournament By Danna Burns-Shaw The History of Olsen-Stelzer Boots Nocona, Texas was settled in the 1870’s when cattlemen Broaddus and Jordan moved 15,000 cattle into the region and established a ranch not far from the present town site. In 1889, the railway arrived and with that news, boot

A Conversation with Shep Hermann

Hermann Oak Leather's chief executive shares knowledge and wisdom gained from his long years of running the tannery By Lynn Ascrizzi It takes a certain kind of resilience, know-how and stick-to-itiveness to run a successful business long-term, especially a four-generation, family-run tannery like Hermann Oak Leather, located in St. Louis, Missouri. All this became evident during a conversation with company president and CEO, Shep Hermann. He shared some hard-earned knowledge

M.D.Y. Horseshoeing and Harness Shop

MDY's standard driving harness is of the type you'd see at work on a day to day basis. It's made from Biothane.Photographs Courtesy of M.D.Y. Horseshoeing and Harness Shop Old World Work Ethic By Nick Pernokas In the rolling hills of Northern Indiana, just outside of Middlebury, is a harness shop that epitomizes the work ethic of the Amish craftsman. In an area long known for fine woodworking, leatherworking and

Ezra Arthur

Revival of an Era By Liisa Andreassen Planned obsolescence. That’s something that Sebastian Sandersius, founder of Ezra Arthur, a brand and manufacturer of high fashion casual lifestyle accessories for men, has trouble with and so he decided to do something about it. The idea for Ezra Arthur was first conceived while sitting in a jazz bar in Brussels. It was 2010 and Sebastian found himself inspired by the city’s fashion