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When can I expect to receive the magazine?

ShopTalk! magazine publishes a new issue each month. If you’re an app subscriber, you can find your new issue on the first day of every month. If you still get the magazine in the mail, you can expect it within the first week of the month of publication.

Do I have to have a graphic to advertise or sell product through ShopTalk!?

It is not necessary to own a business or provide illustrated advertisements to sell products through ShopTalk! magazine. We offer classified ads starting at just $26.50. Submit your classified ad to Savannah at

How do I change my delivery address?

If your address has changed, simply email Savannah at or call the office at (435) 565-6052. We will update your delivery address quickly, so you don’t miss one issue.

What is included in my subscription?

A one (1) year subscription includes twelve (12) magazines that are released monthly. Each Magazine includes: three (3) to five (5) feature editorials of individuals and businesses in the leather community, monthly foreign and domestic raw hide reports, industry, and marketing tips as well as industry event notices and supplier information.

How will I know when to re-subscribe?

We don’t want you to miss one issue! We will send a postcard in the mail and a reminder email a few weeks before your subscription ends. You can also find your expiration date directly above your address if you receive a physical copy of the magazine.  

*For any other questions or submissions call ShopTalk! at (435) 565-6052 

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