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Julie Simon Turns Reality TV Addiction into New Career 

by Liisa Andreassen  When Julie Simon started watching Project Runway, an American reality TV show that focuses on fashion design, she had no idea that one day it would inspire her to trade in her computer for a sewing machine. After more than 12 years working as a graphic/web designer, she was ready for a change, so with the show as her muse and YouTube by her side, she bought
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Big-Small World of Leathercraft, South African Edition 

WOODENWULF  by Gene Fowler  As I sat wondrously immersed in the universe of the television program Yellowstone during its recently concluded fourth season—the hats, the horses, ranchers, cowboys, pretty women, gorgeous country, and a lone guitar—the notion that folks might have been savoring the same scenery on the other side of the world was the farthest thing from my mind.  The Republic of South Africa, for instance. Like many, if
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Highly diversified, big city leather company ‘sources the world’ for finest tanned leathers, suede and nubuck   By Lynn Ascrizzi  Global Leathers, a wholesale/retail distributor based at West 35th Street, New York, New York, carries a richly diverse array of tanned leather products sourced from around the world, including exotics, metallics, natural hair-on leather skins and much more.    The 36-year-old leather company is owned and operated by its founder and CEO,


Family unity is at the heart of leather workshop’s success.   By Lynn Ascrizzi  Brenneman’s Leather Goods is a family-run business based in Salisbury, Pennsylvania. The small borough, historically named Elk Lick Township, is a vital part of Somerset County, an area that is home to a large Amish community.   The leather workshop is beautifully situated beside a gravel road on unique, rural property that abuts thousands of acres of state forest. The shop is connected to the family’s two-story residence by a breezeway, which makes the morning commute for its occupants just a few short steps from their home to the workplace.   “It’s all connected,” said Floyd Brenneman, 47, who launched the wholesale leather goods business
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Joe Schussler of the Chap Shop: Living an Abundant Life

by Liisa Andreassen  When Joe Schussler was a kid, his father would take him to a little café for breakfast in their small Idaho hometown. It was there that he first got inspired to create art. While the inspiration was a simple can that had been converted into an airplane, Joe thought it was just about the coolest thing he’d ever seen and set out to create one of his own. He went

Attack Line Leather: When Virtual Media Meets a Traditional Art

By Nick Pernokas  Digital media is here to stay. And like it or not, it is affecting the ancient art of leatherwork tremendously. A young leather worker has access to a virtual library of lessons that 30 years ago he would not have without a long apprenticeship. The learning curve has been flattened for the ambitious artists out there and the results can be seen in the halls of leather shows around the world.

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Elvis & Kresse's Loving War on Leather Waste  by Gene Fowler  Shortly before the pandemic kicked in last year, a gas leak in my home led to the presence of a houseful of firefighters. And despite my concern about the leak, I found myself—to a degree I hadn't anticipated—swept up in a wave of admiration. Ever since the nation, and the world, witnessed the heroic actions of the FDNY on 9.11.01, any


Triple Crown Leather Goods is retired Army aviator’s winning ticket   By Lynn Ascrizzi  How many people can point to a specific month and day on the calendar and declare that it marks the beginning of a new chance at life? But for David (“Dave”) Botelho, who lives with his wife, Maria, in Paducah, Kentucky, the transforming event associated with his brand-new start, arrived unannounced on May 2, 2020.  Before this turning point, Botelho, 59, already had under his belt a dedicated and highly active, 26-year military career, first as an enlisted man in both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army, and then, as an Army aviator. Among his many other duties, he piloted both Black Hawk Assault and Apache Attack helicopters. And, in 2003, he was deployed as Battalion Aviation Safety Officer during the conflict, Operation Iraqi Freedom.   Dave Botello,
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DND Leather – Where Beauty and Function Come Together

by Liisa Andreassen  When the colts she was riding started breaking her stuff, Dee Dee McGraw took matters into her own hands. She knew that making her own repairs would save her money, but what she didn’t know was that it would eventually lead to a full-time gig. She started out doing patch and repair work, and her mom quickly recognized how much she enjoyed it and offered to buy her a whole hide. That was just the beginning. Not too long after, Dee Dee stopped into Tandy Leather in Montgomery, Alabama, to buy some fancier
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Part-time leatherworker, Lucas Coffield, creates sophisticated, small accessories in Palm Beach, Florida  By Lynn Ascrizzi  Ten years ago, Lucas Coffield was studying environmental marine policy at the University of Miami. For fun, and to try something new, he elected to take a course in glassblowing. He happily discovered that putting together materials and tools to handcraft items from hot glass, produced a marvelous therapeutic effect.  “I enjoyed the stress reliever aspect of glassblowing. I missed it when I got out of school,” he recalled. He graduated from the university in 2014, with a major in marine affairs. But it didn’t take him long to find another equally challenging and exciting handicraft — leatherworking.   “I’ve always had a