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Highly diversified, big city leather company ‘sources the world’ for finest tanned leathers, suede and nubuck   By Lynn Ascrizzi  Global Leathers, a wholesale/retail distributor based at West 35th Street, New York, New York, carries a richly diverse array of tanned leather products sourced from around the world, including exotics, metallics, natural hair-on leather skins and much more.    The 36-year-old leather company is owned and operated by its founder and CEO,

Lowy Enterprises: Los Angeles’s Well-Known Secret

By Nick Pernokas  Many well-known companies roll off of leather craftsmen’s tongues because they’ve worked at developing and promoting their brand within the leather industry. Sometimes though, a real gem can be overlooked just because it’s not right in your path. I want to tell you about a company that may not be on your radar yet, but it should be.  Lowy Enterprises primarily focuses on webbing-related industries. They are distributors for webbing, fasteners, soft goods and hot cutters. Many products for

Tippmann Industrial Products: Innovative Invention

By Nick Pernokas  They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but is it? What if you don’t know about the necessity until you’ve invented the technology for the solution? This is sort of a “chicken and the egg” paradox, but it really doesn’t matter. It takes a special kind of person to think outside the box and invent a solution for any type of problem. The Tippmann family is a case in point. 
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Tools Rule at Leather Wranglers in the Duke City

“It’s All in the Alloy, Son” by Gene Fowler At the Wickenburg, Arizona, leathercraft trade show in 2007, Paul Zalesak—who runs the Leather Wranglers company, producers of world-class leatherwork tools, with his wife Rosa in Albuquerque—realized he had a problem. “I had spent over $30,000 and hundreds of hours researching and developing the blade, barrel and yoke for my swivel knife,” Paul recalls. “People responded very well to the new
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PERGAMENA Makers of Artisanal Parchment and Leather

Targeted marketing and a tan-and-return service are promising game changers for family run, New York tannery  By Lynn Ascrizzi  Tucked into the picturesque Hudson River Valley region in New York state is the small town of Montgomery. Its lush, natural beauty, cultural festivities, historic homes, antique shops and sustainably-raised local food, attract a growing surge of folks seeking to escape Manhattan for a genteel, countryside experience.  And, the town is only an hour-and-a-half drive from the Big Apple.   “It’s a hip little place. Lots of people are moving up. Add the pandemic to that, and people want to get the hell out of Dodge,” said Jesse Meyer, 48, owner and general manager of the five-generation, family-run tannery, Pergamena Parchment &
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E.C. Leather – Kickin’ it Old School

by Liisa Andreassen  No social media? No website? No ecommerce? No problem. In fact, E.C. Leather in Tulsa, Oklahoma, prefers it this way. This small family-run business still likes to talk to people and their old-school formula seems to be working just fine.   While the business was founded in 1977, the foundation for E.C. Leather was set way earlier than that. Mark Eagan, president of E.C Leather, says that the backstory starts with his dad, Thomas
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Coated polyester strapping is a popular choice among Amish communities in Millersburg, Ohio — and beyond By Lynn Ascrizzi A line of Petz Product assembled dog leashes, ready for someone's Fido. If you visit Millersburg, Ohio, you’re in Amish Country, plain and simple. The village, centered in rural Holmes County, is part of the region’s wider Amish population — the largest in the world — an area where folks seek

Keystone Leather and RJF Leather: Service That’s a Cut Above

Keystone has the capability to cut soles on demand. By Nick Pernokas It seems like Dave Schall, the president and co-owner of Keystone Leather in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was always destined to fill this role. Now 58, Dave Schall finished college in 1982 and went to work for the E.H. Hall Company, which was a sole cutting company in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They had 15 full time cutters. In 1990, E.H. Hall,
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Maker’s Leather Supply: New Ideas for a New Generation

By Nick Pernokas Aaron and Janie Heizer stock a very large quantity of all sorts of leather which can be purchased in small amounts. In a cynical world that has moved past Roy Rogers and John Wayne, a world where a phone has become a wallet, and kids don’t need a belt like their cowboy heroes wear anymore, you’d think that leathercraft would be a dying hobby. Fortunately that’s not

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Buckeye Engraving celebrates 40 yearsof manufacturing custom metal stamps, marking dies, branding irons — and more! By Lynn Ascrizzi Ever since the first artists in prehistory pressed red-ocher handprints on a torch-lit cave wall, enterprising humans have sought to make personal and lasting impressions. Fast-forward roughly 40,000 years. Today, in our quick-paced digital age, skilled technicians use complex technology to engrave the identifying signs and symbols that entrepreneurs use to