Alchemy Kustom

A Supernatural Natural By Gene Fowler Natural talent has a knack for finding its way to the gallery or stage, especially when it operates in Shakespeare’s context of “all the world.” Many, if not most, of the leathercraft artists I’ve spoken with began drawing or practicing some other form of the visual arts in their […]


A Conversation with Shep Hermann

Hermann Oak Leather’s chief executive shares knowledge and wisdom gained from his long years of running the tannery By Lynn Ascrizzi It takes a certain kind of resilience, know-how and stick-to-itiveness to run a successful business long-term, especially a four-generation, family-run tannery like Hermann Oak Leather, located in St. Louis, Missouri. All this became evident […]


Clint Wilkinson

A Top-End Texas Leathercraft Hand By Gene Fowler When Clint Wilkinson was born in Denton, Texas, his grandfather Weldon Burgoon bartered a custom-made saddle to pay the doctor bill. Now, 36 years later, Clint carries on the family tradition of leathercraft arts: producing handmade bags, briefcases, wallets and other finely wrought creations in the same […]


Duluth Pack

The Great-Great-Grandpa of Backpacks By Gene Fowler Camille Poirier arrived in Duluth, Minnesota, in the winter of 1870 with “my little stock of leather and tools.” The 32-year-old had learned the shoemaking trade in his native Canada. Like “almost every boy in lower Canada,” he wrote in his autobiography, Camille “had visions of the U.S. […]


Russell Moccasin Co.

Making quality, outdoor footwear, one pair at a time, since 1898 By Lynn Ascrizzi If you’re deep into exploring mountainous terrain, or you only feel fully alive while trekking over miles of woods and fields or braving wild savannahs — then you definitely have worn out a lot of boots. And, it’s a sure bet […]


The Hide House

Napa’s Finest By Danna Burns-Shaw When you think of Napa, California, of course you think of wine. The combination of diverse soil, climate and topography is the perfect recipe for producing light, fresh Sauvignon Blanc…rich, full-bodied Chardonnay… silky, seductive Pinot Noir…bold, spicy Zinfandel…ripe, velvety Merlot…and of course, their world-famous Cabernet Sauvignon! (Yes, I love Napa […]