Weaver Leather

Ohio company celebrates 45 years of growth, innovation and service By Lynn Ascrizzi The small Ohio community called Mount Hope seems to be a fitting metaphor for the leather goods manufacturer, distributor and retailer that is Weaver Leather, LLC, because over the years, the enterprise has extended as much optimism and promise to its employees, […]


John Bianchi

Innovator in Gunleather By Nick Pernokas It was after the War. People in late 1940s New York City finally had some spending money for “fun.” One of the places they went for fun was Madison Square Garden. Looking back at the Garden now, partially hidden behind Manhattan store fronts causing it to blend in with […]


A Niche In Time

Smucker Harness is stitching its way to success by focusing on the carriage-driving market By Lynn Ascrizzi The pocket-sized community of Churchtown, Pennsylvania (pop. 484), is one of those places you might drive right by, in a wink. But there, set along Route 23, amid a smattering of local businesses, vintage and modern homes and […]


International Sheepskin & Leather

California Dreaming By Nick Pernokas It has been said that Los Angeles is the land of broken dreams. Fortunately that generalization doesn’t describe all of the dreams or the dreamers who live there. A case in point is a family business on the southeast side of Los Angeles. International Sheepskin and Leather is not just […]


Remington and Russell

The “Titans of Western Art” By Gene Fowler “In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners,” 1911, Charles M. Russel, oil on canvas, courtesy private collection Standing in front of Frederic Remington’s 1889 oil painting, A Dash for the Timber, at Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum of American Art, I am reminded of the words of […]


Don King

The Man in the Center By Nick Pernokas They say that a good writer should never interject himself into his stories. They say a lot of things. When dealing with “legends” of the West, they say when the legend outshines the fact, print the legend. Only sometimes, you don’t have to and this is one […]


Lisa & Loren Skyhorse

Humanitarian Saddle Makers By Danna Burns-Shaw Trying to find one title that best describes the Skyhorse’s is impossible. Loren and Lisa Skyhorse are a rare husband and wife saddle-building team that create out-of-this-world leather masterpieces. Once you meet and spend time with them, you will never think of them as just saddle makers; they are […]


Little’s Boots

Little’s Boots  Custom Bootmakers since 1915 By Danna Burns-Shaw Little’s Boots is a 100-year-old family business with “heart and sole.” Building the highest quality boots, with four generations of family boot makers, Little’s is in an elite group of legacy bootmakers. As the 86-year-old, 3rd Generation owner Dave Little states, “That’s why you don’t see […]