Lisa Sorrell

A Ladies Touch By Danna Burns Shaw When you visit with Lisa Sorrell you soon realize that she has a zest for learning and chooses to live a bigger and kinder life. Lisa was raised in southwest Missouri in a conservative church where the women all wore long hair and long dresses.  Her mother began […]



By Liisa Andreassen When she received an order for Miley Cyrus, she thought it was a joke. That joke turned out to be very real for Michelle Wheeler, founder of Hitch-N-Stitch, a custom show-apparel shop outside of Atlanta that makes colorful western chaps, chinks, shirts and a variety of other accessories. This middle school teacher […]


Woodman Leathercraft

Maine artist’s start-up enterprise leads to custom designs witha distinct sense of place By Lynn Ascrizzi It is no mere coincidence that the leatherwork being created by artist-designer Charlotte Woodman has evolved intoa harmonious synthesis of heritage craftsmanship with clean, functional, modern lines. A big influence on her passion for fine handmade work is rooted […]


Carol Gessell

In Pursuit of Art By Nick Pernokas The attractive, fiftyish artist concentrates on cutting in her scroll pattern in the cased leather. A book on tape plays in the background. An orange cat, Minkey, ignores both the woman and the mystery thriller. At 19, she needs her beauty sleep. When the woman begins to stamp […]


Ransack Leather

Lisa Nihiser’s Vintage Global Cowgirl Goth By Gene Fowler For Lisa Nihiser of Chicago’s Ransack Leather, it’s all about creativity. The one-woman, bag and clutch company lives up to its pirate-punk moniker – with one-of-a-kind designs that pack a wallop of swagger and style. Most of her creations are made with a combination of newly […]


Sole Talk

Amara Hark-Weber’s impeccable, handmade shoes are in a class by themselves By Lynn Ascrizzi In our modern era of mass-manufactured, big-brand footwear, a person’s desire for a pair of new shoes can be quickly satisfied. Does this mean that the curtain is falling forever on the one-of-a-kind, handcrafted shoe? For an answer, take a look […]


Berlin Custom Leather

Staying True to its Roots, Never Trendy  By Danna Burns-Shaw  Berlin Custom Leather Company gets its name from the small community that it resides in Berlin, Ohio.  Berlin is in the heart of one of the United States’ largest Amish communities near Millersburg, Ohio. The area is steeped in rich old-school traditions like family unity, […]