Jenn Hall: The Feathered Leopard

By Nick Pernokas 

Where does art come from? That is a question that has been debated for centuries. One thing for sure is that it’s persistent and it will eventually surface. For Sacramento native Jenn Hall, it could have been foreshadowed by the Read more

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Saddlemaker Ron Ross

Sixty Years of Leather at the Crossroads of America 

By Gene Fowler 

“I clean up good,” jokes Ron, describing this photo. Since 1977, Ron and his family have lived north of Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he has raised Belgians, Read more
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The Tandy Leather Museum of Fort Worth

By Gene Fowler

Ensconced at his Two Lazy A’s Ranch in Canada, legendary leather wizard Al Stohlman was focused on his leathercraft – really focused. “There was only one day a week when he would take phone calls,” says Read more

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Howard Knight:

The King of Detail

By Danna Burns-Shaw

Few leather artisans have the attention to detail like Howard Knight; his diversity in style leaves one mesmerized in amazement. Howard creates works of fine art in his small leather shop, which Read more

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