Wayne Jueschke: Tools to Last

By Nick Pernokas When you roll across Interstate 80 in Nevada, you pass through a vast swath of the American West. You might appreciate the emptiness of the country. You might wonder how it felt to cross this land on horseback a century and a half ago. Elko, Nevada, has been here since before the highway was thought of. A railroad town, a mining town and home to the annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, this town has always been an

Happy 100th Birthday Tandy Leathercraft!

A Tandy-tastic Century By Gene Fowler What’s the first thing folks think of when they hear the word leathercraft?  I’d just about bet the farm that, from Tucumcari to Timbuktu, most folks think of Tandy. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the company with more than 100 retail leathercraft stores across the U.S. and overseas, turns 100 years young in 2019. In addition to celebrating the big birthday with a company-wide

Barry King: Precision Tools for Precision Work

By Nick Pernokas Over by a wall at the Boot and Saddle Makers Roundup, in Wichita Falls, Texas, there is a crowd gathered. Hats and shopping bags obscure what they’re looking at. It looks like the free sample cart at the local supermarket as the crowd hovers. If you push your way closer though, you can see craftsmen bent over, stamping pieces of leather. They carefully scrutinize their work, before

A One-Stop Shop for Leather Machinery

Campbell-Randall Hones its Competitive Edge in a Global Market By Lynn Ascrizzi Campbell-Randall Machinery, a business with roots going back to 1858 and the era when machines were built with American iron, is the manufacturer and distributor of a broad and distinctive selection of leather machinery, tools, supplies and parts. Today, the company is based in an industrial section of Conroe, Texas, a fairly large city located about 40 miles