George Cubic: Tinkering with Leather as Art

By Nick Pernokas 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we plan and pursue our chosen course, fate steps in to change our path. In the case of George Cubic, this persistent course correction created a talented craftsman. 

George was born in Eastern Europe in 1956. His father, Viktor, immigrated with his family to the United States Read more

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Veteran Bootmaker Says Air Force Affected Bootmaking Career

Liisa Andreassen 

It happened when he was 11. Brian Thomas walked into his local shoe repair and leather store and was quickly seduced by the sultry smell that lingered in the air. He just knew he had to find a way to be around it and he Read more

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Triple T Holsters

By Gene Fowler

Triple T Holsters building in Kemah, Texas, between Houston and Galveston. Triple T will make your holster while you wait.

“I’m the good-lookin’ one,” jokes Robert Thompson III of Triple T Holsters in Kemah, Texas,when asked Read more

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Monroe Veach: A Ten Dollar Horse and a Forty Dollar Saddle

By Nick Pernokas

Monroe performing a rope trick with his daughter Letty in 1946.

The young cowboy dropped his bag on the ground and loosened the cinches on his saddle. The saddle he set a little more carefully on Read more

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Semper Fi: Boots with a Mission

By Liisa Andreassen

Sarah Ford, a San Angelo, Texas-native, former Marine officer and Harvard Business School grad is the CEO, founder and creative director of Ranch Road Boots – a brand deeply rooted in Ford’s love for the American Read more

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Pete Harry

Variety is the Spice of Life

By Nick Pernokas

To say Pete’s Custom Saddlery is a saddle shop is like saying that Bass Pro Shop is a sporting goods store. The museum-like building, located in southwestern Kentucky, is home Read more

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Olsen-Stelzer Boots

Since 1900

Olsen-Stelzer boot with Bush Warrior Open and Purple Heart inlays for warrior who played in the Bush Warrior Open Golf Tournament

By Danna Burns-Shaw

The History of Olsen-Stelzer Boots

Nocona, Texas was settled in the 1870’s when Read more

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Fireman finds solace in leather crafting

“When I get to make a leather project, it allows me to escape a little. I get to clear my mind and it gives me a chance to reset. It keeps me in line – mentally and physically.”-Jeremy Unruh Read more
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