Handmade by HIXdesign

Kyle Hix wasn’t always a small leather goods designer.  In fact, he started his journey with leather in the automotive industry creating interiors.  But it didn’t take long for him to venture down a different road.  Soon Kyle was upholstering motorcycle seats, producing wearable and small leather goods, and building leather furniture.  Then in 2005, he created his own leather goods company HIXDESIGN specializing in small leather goods and bags. 

Before opening his own retail location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kyle spent countless hours researching techniques and products, attending industry trade shows, and seeking advice on leatherworkers.net, all the while soaking up industry trade secrets.  He also bounced ideas off his long-time friend and mentor Eric Paysnoe of LeatherSeats Prime until he figured out his own practices and methods.   “I’ve always strived to find the best of everything, from zippers to thread, as well as finding the best and most efficient way to make products,” says Kyle. 

Kyle draws inspiration from all sorts of things like architecture and automobiles.  “One line, shape or profile can inspire an entire design,” Kyle says.  He enjoys the creative process, receiving direction from a client then sketching an idea and fabricating a tangible product by hand.  One such item was commissioned by NBA player George Hill.  He wanted a backpack and gave Kyle creative freedom.  The result was something George was thrilled with and Kyle was proud of. 

“I’m continually pushing myself to make the best products, always taking pride in creating things that are beautiful, functional, hand-stitched, and long-lasting.”  


1708 N Gatewood Ave

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Instagram @hixdesign

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Handmade by HIXdesign

Handmade by HIXdesign

Handmade by HIXdesign

Handmade by HIXdesign

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