Jim Means

Miniature Master

Jim Means of Clyde, California has been working his fine motor skills building miniature replications his entire life. He started making miniatures while in grade school and continued building through high school. Using wood and leather, he would make all sorts of things but trucks and motorcycles were his favorite.
Jim took a small break from creating miniatures when he was drafted to serve in the US Navy during WWII. His experience in the Navy inspired him to create an exact replica of the ship he was stationed on. Later he was commissioned to create a ship for a commander of the Navy who oversaw ordering and distribution of weapons and warfare.
Jim is most noted for his incredibly detailed replications of the famed Wells Fargo stagecoach. Wells Fargo has a rich history of using, owning, guarding, and operating the six-horse stagecoach. They still own and display ten originals in their history museums, thirteen authentic reproductions in their buildings, and a fleet of 17 that roll almost every weekend in parades and events across the nation.
The thirteen authentic reproductions on display in Wells Fargo buildings across the nation were sculpted from wood and leather then hand painted by Jim. He created intricate historical pieces like passenger luggage to sit atop the coach and a horse whip in the driver’s seat. You can even find a shotgun where the “shotgun messenger” would have sat and watched for bandits. Oiled leather curtains adorn the replica too. These helped keep dust, wind, and rain out of the stagecoach.
Jim Means collaborated with a legendary company, Wells Fargo and became a legend himself. He is known all over the nation and even throughout the world for his remarkable replicas. They are truly legendary!

Jim Means
138 Wellington Ave.
Clyde, CA 94520
P: 925.458.0677
F: 925.827.2779

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